Friday, January 2, 2009

Top 50 Artists 2008

1 Pearl Jam, played 784 times
2 Augie March, played 405
3 Jeff Lang, played 344 times
4 R.E.M., played 338 times
5 The Go-Betweens, played 328 times
6 The Frames, played 307 times
7 Paul Kelly, played 265 times
8 The Smashing Pumpkins, played 250 times
9 Powderfinger, played 238 times
10 Michael Franti & Spearhead, played 220 times
11 Ryan Adams, played 212 times
12 Something for Kate, played 191 times
13 Silverchair, played 188 times
13 Harry Manx, played 188 times
15 Midnight Oil, played 186 times
16 The Church, played 182 times
17 Led Zeppelin, played 157 times
18 David Gray, played 153 times
19 Eddie Vedder, played 150 times
20 Sarah Blasko, played 146 times
21 Rage Against the Machine, played 144 times
22 Bob Dylan, played 143 times
23 Kings of Leon, played 142 times
24 Bruce Springsteen, played 135 times
25 Red Hot Chili Peppers, played 134 times
26 Billy Bragg, played 132 times
27 Gomez, played 131 times
28 The Cat Empire, played 129 times
28 Salmonella Dub, played 129 times
30 Elvis Costello, played 125 times
31 AC/DC, played 124 times
32 Ben Lee, played 114 times
33 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, played 113 times
34 Archie Roach, played 111 times
34 Editors, played 111 times
36 Tim Rogers & Tex Perkins, played 109 times
37 The John Butler Trio, played 108 times
38 Pollyanna, played 104 times
39 Tamas Wells, played 102 times
39 Damien Rice, played 102 times
41 Jeff Martin, played 101 times
41 Elbow, played 101 times
43 The Tea Party, played 100 times
44 The Nightwatchman, played 97 times
44 The Killers, played 97 times
46 You Am I, played 96 times
47 The Roots, played 95 times
47 Clare Bowditch and The Feeding Set, played 94 times
49 Alex Lloyd, played 93 times
50 Bob Marley, played 93 times

This chart was taken from my profile and includes all songs played through my iPod and iTunes for the past 12 months until 31 Jan 08. Come and visit me there... better still, join up and compare musical chops!


NowhereBob said...

I went and saw Jeff Lang play last night in Noosa.
Not a Vincent to be heard. He had obviously spent too long with the hippies at Woodford.
The 2 guys he played with were totally hella way talented, 1 on a kora (?) a West african 21 string gourd & 1 on the Afghani Tabla drums. Again amazing musos talent & skill up the ying-yang.
But not what I went to see.
Fricken mung beans - oughta be a law!

A few years back I went & saw Mr. Bungle play in Brisvegas. Mike Patton from Faith No More in an Uber Funk outfit.The show coincided with the launch of the 2nd album which was (I'm sad to say)truly shite. I acepted that it'd mostly be 2nd album gear, but hoped for a few tracks from the 1st. Anyway the crowd is chanting "Egg," Love is a fist,"& "girls of Pr0n," etc the track titles from the 1st album & Mr. Patton says "This ain't a juke box - we play what we want to play. If you want to choose go home & put on a CD.
Harsh, but a fair point.

Jamin (but also known as Albion Love Den and Blue Box on jspace) said...

I hear ya 'bout the jukebox thing. Kinda why I resist going to see bands if I know all I will want to see/hear are the 'hits'.

Too bad about Jeff. He can be very hit and miss sometimes. But was eager to see him with those other 2 guys - there were posters all over Woodford about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blue Box. Happy New Year.

Top tunes.

NowhereBob said...

Sorry, on re-read sounds like I was bummed by Jeff.
Not the case - more dissapointed with the gig.
Though I would have liked him to play a few of the tracks I know - the dude is a fretboard god & pretty much worth watching on his worse day.

Girl Clumsy said...

Oh dear. My musical tastes really are embarrassing.

At least they make me happy, I guess. ;)

Moko 2.0 said...

I saw Pearl Jam at the entertainment center a few years back....'03 - '04?...loved it. Best concert BY FAR - of the 4 I've been to. lol

Lobes said...

ok i heard a lot about Last Fm but never tried it. You just talked me into trying

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