Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 years ago

I forgot it. I fucking forgot it this morning. Well to be fair, we both forgot this morning that it was our "technical" 3-year anniversary. As per the usual mid-week morning routine, my gorgeous wife packed me my lunch and sent me on my way to another day down the salt mines...

Then sent me a text as I was bus-bound reminding me of the event. 3 years ago this very day (or - to be honest - around this day, as we weren't quite sure when this all began), our relationship changed from cool flatmate to head over heels in luuurve. (For those interested in that story, go here to read the blog we started to partly explain our relationship to Immigration).

I could use this opportunity to get all mushy and soppy and wax lyrical on the ways in which this amazing being has enriched my life, but I don't think I need to. For those who knew me before, you'll have hopefully seen the change. For those who've only known me since - I'm sure you wouldn't recognise the Ben of old. She is a force within my soul and the fire in my belly.

To The Tiger - Anata ga daisuki desu


Dr Yobbo said...

Awww....some. Well done.

Big Bad Al said...

Congratulation Ben and Satomi... May you have many more.

Nautilus said...

Great stuff! Good trick pretending not to remember, you don't want to set a dangerous precedent!

Albion Love Den (aka Blue Box, Jamin, BrisJamin) said...

Cheers Doc, Al and Naut.

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