Sunday, July 10, 2011

This, precisely, is what's wrong with Australian music

There are very many things to rage against in the meaningful meaninglessness of this poll, but the Number 1 album pretty much sums it up. At the risk of sounding old and angry, I'm going to suggest that this album was the very precise moment that the Australian rock-based music scene got a tad full of itself and dived straight for the middle ground.

Despite small glimpses of genuine gold since Fanning put his ovary-friendly intentions overtly on display with this insipid and weak brew of songs, it's all been pretty much downhill since then.

Bar-fkn-humbug. And Doc - the kids can have their fkn station back. It appears to be broken, anyway.

Countdown #1 | Hottest 100 Australian Albums Of All Time | triple j


beeso said...

I didn't vote for powderfinger stall, cause they had become the 99c white bread of Australian music. At least silverchair and the rest tried something different. But gees we love our rock pop in this country don't we. I'm almost asleep typing this.

Dr Yobbo said...

At least it wasn't Thirsty Merc.

beeso said...

No there is a blog post, what is the bigger blight on the music landscape, Thirsty Merc or Alex LLoyd. I'd give it to TM on wanker points.

sibeen said...

Shit, a bloke who can't even get his place of abode correct wants to comment on the best Australian music of all time - unbelievable :)

What about the bands from the sixties. OK, I don't expect the kiddies on JJJ to have heard of them, but faaark.

Master Apprentices
The Seekers - Hey, they were cool enough to be played on pirate radio in their day (one of my guilty pleasures).
Russel Morris

Blah, blah, blah!

Mia Mossberg78 said...


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