Friday, February 5, 2010

still Spinning In Daffodils

I was totally going to review this gig on the blog. I had some choice phrases picked out with some highlights and pithy observations. But then I found this clip, and any pointless words I could have spouted seemed stupid.

Rock dinosaurs unite - this is what it's all about. The Josh Homme swagger, the animalistic, sexual Dave Grohl pounding and John Paul fuckin Jones strapped up with a 9-string, lit up throbbing bass guitar. About half way through they lock into that magical rhythm and then spin back and riff off it... anyone who's spent any amount of time playing music with mates will know that feeling. That euphoric and almost orgasmic moment when you tune your ears into what your band mates are playing and are comfortable and confident enough to bounce off it and make something work. It's a bonding, almost sexual time (and, unfortunately in my experience, all too fleeting... much like my sex life).

What's not shown here is the 2-3 minute spooling intro before Grohl smashed that crash symbal to cue his bandmates in. Also missing is the ending, where JP fuckin J (he evidently has 4 names now, thanks to Hommes' intros) swapped that monstrosity of a bass for the electric piano and chased that melody all around the keys in a whimsical fashion, befuddling the crowd.

This was pretty fucking spesh. Moment in time type spesh.


Dr Yobbo said...

"I don't know if I should go to Them Crooked Vultures. It's a lot of money for just one band."

*shakes head*

Albion Love Den said...

To be honest, Doc, I'd already talked myself into it. Just needed validation.

beeso said...

s'ok i guess. needs more 80s synths

Albion Love Den said...

The gig did include mandocaster solos and keytars.

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